Project Feasibility Studies



walkingCompile the study report with the require outcome which could include but are not limited to Bankable Feasibility Studies.

Prior to the actual commencement of the Feasibility Study, the Project Leader should:


  • Establish an integrated project team to direct and manage the Feasibility Study. These could be from various spheres of the industry if not in-house available.
  • Mobilize key personnel with the appropriate project, HSE, operations development and operation skills to direct any studies undertaken as part of the scope; in particular the mobilization of the project manager’s key directs i.e. engineering, software, and division heads to ensure their availability during key activities during the Feasibility Study.
  • Mobilize lead team members, as identified in the previous phase, responsible for conducting the key engineering and implementation planning components of the study.
  • Establish the contracting strategy, bidder’s selection criteria and scope of work for external consultants and contractors.
  • Assign the scope to the owner’s team, consultants, contractors or external groupings.



 Need and Reason

The study should be structured to:

  • Demonstrate the technical and economic viability of a business opportunity based on the proposed project as presented in the Business Case;
  • Develop only one configuration and investment case and prepare a clear recommendation for the Implementation Phase;
  • Define the scope, quality, cost estimate and time of the proposed project;
  • Demonstrate that the project scope has been fully optimised to ensure the most efficient and productive use of the capital invested;
  • Quantitatively assess the risk/reward profile of the proposed project;
  • Ensure no residual or future issues could significantly impact the assessment set out in the Feasibility Study;
  • Plan the implementation phase of the proposed project;
  • Define the key performance indicators of the proposed project;
  • Provide baseline for management, control, monitoring and reporting of the proposed implementation of the project;
  • Deliver a Feasibility Study report in accordance with these client standards; and

Deliver a financial model in accordance with set standards.




 Project Feasibility Brochure

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