Project Management Office Design and Implementation



POINT comprises of 23 modules which are designed to give a structured approach to implementing a PMO.



The POINT modules are grouped into three phases which reflect the PMO implementation approach.


The figure above illustrates the typical sequence in which the modules are implemented.  This sequence is customized for each client’s specific needs.

The first is the Analytical phase.  These modules study the current state of the organisation’s project management.

The second is the Design phase.  This module uses the information collected in the Analysis modules to design an optimal PMO for the organisation.

The third is the Implementation phase.  These modules implement the specific deliverable’s defined in the PMO Solution.

The modules are designed to be scalable for organisations of different sizes and in different industries.

Need and Reason

The Project Management Office (PMO) is a strategic tool in the hands of an organisation’s management to ensure that all the projects in the business are under control.

The PMO gives a centralised view of project costs, resources, and risks; it is the centre of project implementation and ensures that the portfolio is well-managed and delivering benefits to the organisation.  The Project Office Implementation Toolkit (POINT) Methodology was developed from experiences in setting up and operating a number of PMO’s in diverse industries.  POINT covers all the aspects of the PMO and is a fail-safe way of ensuring strategic alignment of projects with the organisation’s strategy.


No two organisations have exactly the same needs when it comes to project management, and these differences should be reflected in the way the PMO is implemented.

Customisation of the solution starts during the analysis phase.  The first step in the POINT implementation is selecting the analyses that will be done for the specific organisation.  The minimum requirement is that a process assessment must be done.  Performing the additional analysis modules enhances our understanding of the business needs and are required for a better integrated PMO design.

The outputs from the analysis phase are inputs to the design phase, and the PMO solution is designed based on the results of the analysis phase.

The implementation phase follows from the PMO design.  The specific functions that will be implemented may vary and are often implemented in a phased approach.


 After the implementation of POINT, ProjectLink will review the process with the client every three months for the first year to assess the level of adoption, and the effectiveness of the PMO.  The implementation of a PMO may lead to major changes in the way the organisation performs projects, and adjustments of the process are not uncommon.

Office Design Brochure

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