Project Personnel Development Program

The Project Personnel Development Program (PPDP) utilizes the competency gaps identified from the competency assessment to provide an individualised development road-map to rectify the deficiencies.

The PPDP will recommend specific interventions such as project management training, assignments, coaching sessions and or mentoring.

The feedback and agreement on each plan will be done by the assessed individual’s supervisor.



The Project Personnel Development Programme (PPDP) is specifically designed to develop the skills of individuals in the project environment.  It charts the path these personnel must follow to fully develop their potential, and to achieve maximum benefit for the organisation through the development of their own skills and knowledge.

The roles that are assessed are:

  • Portfolio Manager;
  • Programme Manager;
  • Project Manager;
  • Project Controls Manager;
  • Project Planner/Scheduler;
  • Cost Controller;
  • Project Administrator; and
  • Business Analyst.

Included in the PPDP is a competency assessment which is fully aligned to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth edition, The Standard for Program Management 3rd Edition, The Standard for Portfolio Management 3rd Edition and aligned to the Organisational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®).

For Cost Engineering the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering Standards and Recommended Practices are used. The Business Analyst Assessment is based on the PMI®’s Business Analysis for Practitioners:  A Practice Guide.

How the PPDP is Delivered

The PPDP consists of an assessment and the development of an individual development plan for each person. The assessment consists of three specific areas of assessment, namely Knowledge and Skills Competence, Technical Competence, and Personal Competence.

  • The Knowledge and Skills Competence consists of a one hour multiple choice questionnaire, a four hour comprehensive case study, and/or a Portfolio of Evidence per individual.
  • The behavioural assessments are as follows:
    • One hour web based Personality Profiling (Myers and Briggs Type Indicator to be used). This will assess an individual’s personality profile – to identify strengths and weaknesses.
    • One hour web Behavioural Style Assessment (OPQ32 to be used). Together with industrial and clinical psychologists we have researched the required occupational competencies for each role profile.  It is therefore possible to map the required occupational competencies to the assessed competencies.
    • Two hour supervised Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) (Recommended only for senior posts or incumbents for senior posts) will assess the individual’s ability to deal with complex and vague environments.

All the assessments will be done by a trained and competent psychologist, accompanied by a narrative assessment report.

 Project Personnel Competency Development

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