Program Management Services

In the Standard for Program Management – Third Edition, the Project Management Institute (PMI®) defines a program as, “a group of related projects, subprograms, and program activities managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually.”

As to when this decision point is reached i.e., to determine where a project ends and a program begins, is a bit like debating the length of a string. ProjectLink’s Program Management services start by analysing precisely this problem, within the client’s context – i.e., it is a factor of the idiosyncrasies of the particular client – and advising an appropriate grouping of projects into a program / programs where deemed optimal. The analysis is done with appreciation of the current or planned projects and / or portfolio.

ProjectLink assists clients in delivering successful programs in all industries, either through the provision of Program Managers, or by providing support to the client’s own program managers. In either case, strong emphasis is placed on program management best practices as expressed by institutions such as the PMI®.

Because programs by definition include projects, particular prominence is given to leadership i.e., guidance, mentoring, coaching and support to the individual project managers and their projects.

In addition, establishing and managing a clear and well-communicated roadmap of the program is pivotal in the success of the portfolio, ultimately measured in the achievement of the program’s business case. ProjectLink’s work ethics require that programs be delivered optimally i.e., as effectively and efficiently as possible. This approach requires diligence, usually through the application of sound program management methodologies.

ProjectLink has extensive experience in the application of such methodologies e.g., MSP®, CENTRIX®, etc., and is able to adapt to client-specific and generic program methodologies alike. Program management services are performed by highly qualified and suitably experienced consultants.


Key Functions

ProjectLink’s program management services typically involve:

  • Facilitating program business cases;
  • Performing program planning;
  • Defining and managing program roadmaps;
  • Performing program analysis, tracking, and forecasting;
  • Constantly assuring alignment of each program with its business need through efficient and effective benefits management, and providing accurate and relevant reporting to portfolio management;
  • Performing proper program transition and closure.

Professional & Competent Personnel

ProjectLink’s consultants involved in project management services are qualified to do so through post-graduate studies (e.g., PhD, MBA, MSc in PM, etc.), professional certifications (e.g., PMP®, MSP® Practitioner, CCP, etc.), and experience with large and complex programs in various industries.

 Program Management Brochure

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Program Management Brochure cover