Project Administration/ Document Controlling

Project Administration provides all the administration supporting functions within a project as well as updating, controlling and communicating to relevant stakeholders, and filing all the documentation on a project.

Document Controlling would control the flow of all technical, administrative, vendor, and commercial documentation and drawings between the project team and relevant stakeholders.

By taking care of these functions in a project, it enables the project manager and other team members to spend more time on high-value activities.  ProjectLink’s Project Administrators perform either Project Administration and/or a Document Controlling function on the project.

Key Functions | Project Administration functions would typically include:

  • Taking minutes of meetings and distributing to the team;
  • Schedule updates;
  • Creating and updating of the filing structure;
  • Scheduling meetings/workshops (Schedule project charter workshop, weekly/monthly meetings, adhoc meetings, technical meetings, etc.);
  • Creating the Document Naming Convention;
  • Creating the relevant project administration templates and register’s and thereafter updating them , such as the:
    • Agenda;
    • Attendance Register;
    • Change Request Register;
    • Decision Form;
    • Decision Register;
    • Deliverable Register;
    • Issues Register;
    • Lessons Learned Register;
    • Master Record Index
    • Meeting Minutes;
    • Request for Change; and
    • Risk Register.
  • Creating the Configuration Management Plan for the project;


More Key Functions | Document Controlling functions would typically include:

  • Implement, if not already in place, the Document Management System (DMS). The purpose of the DMS is to provide a managed, auditable, version and revision controlled, electronic environment of the entire projects documentation. Combined with standards and DMS procedures, it will capture, store, retrieve, distribute, track and report on all Project documents.
  • Assists with Quality Assurance Audits,
  • Distributes documents via transmittal’s to recipients in accordance with the distribution matrix and standard distribution list, and verified that the packages conform to the transmittal.
  • Administers, registers all Internal Discipline Check (IDC) documents and liaises with engineers, vendors and site personnel regarding verification of documents
  • Controls and issues enquiry/purchase order packages
  • Support other departments by providing configuration data. This support includes the “as-planned” configuration and documentation of the ‘as built’ configuration including deviations, waivers as required.
  • Prepare vendor configuration requirements based on contractual requirements.
  • Coordinate configuration control board activities, which include establishing the agenda, recording dispositions, establish and maintain action item lists.
  • Period review of configuration policies and procedures to ensure continued compliance with ISO requirements.
  • Processing and distribution of project specific documentation and liaison with site office to monitor drawing packages and vendor documents.
  • Implement subsequently approved engineering changes in relation to drawings/documents.
  • Maintain current project engineering data files and assists in establishing and implementing ‘as-built’ records and status accounting systems for assigned projects.
  • Administers documents during the project close-out and handover phase.
  • Other administrative duties as directed by Project Managers and/or Document Control Managers and/or Business Line Managers.

Professional and Competent Personnel

All of our project administrators are either CAPM® certified or in the process of obtaining their CAPM® certifications. We provide ongoing training to all of our consultants and we believe in upskilling them in all disciplines of project management and not just their specific discipline.


Document Control Brochure

To view a comprehensive brochure please click on the image below:

Program Management Brochure cover