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CENTRIX® PM Methodology

CENTRIX PM Methodology

Project and program managers are people managers. Their primary purpose is to coordinate the efforts of a group of diverse people to complete project activities that produce deliverables, which will achieve the project or program’s objectives.

To do this, project and program managers must be able to communicate with their teams in a clear and consistent way. They have to collect information from their team, develop plans, communicate the plans back to their team, and then lead their team to successfully complete the activities.

CENTRIX is designed to do just that: provide a methodology for exchanging information between project and program managers, and their teams. ProjectLink’s CENTRIX Methodology is a complete portfolio, program, and project management toolset for successfully delivering projects in any industry. CENTRIX was developed and refined on dozens of projects from a variety of sectors including mining, IT, manufacturing, marketing, human resources, financial services, and telecommunications. The most important feature of CENTRIX is that it caters for projects from the seller’s and the buyer’s perspective i.e., both the client and the contractor can use CENTRIX to manage their projects.


CENTRIX® has a dual purpose.  It is firstly a toolbox that can be used by an individual Project Manager to manage projects in an organization, even if the organization is not very mature in its project management.

Secondly, it can be used as part of a process to establish project management as a way of working within an organization that is embarking on an initiative to entrench project management.  The latter is often done as part of establishing a Project Management Office (PMO).

CENTRIX® does not only cater for the high-level business process of managing projects, it drills down to the detail of day-to-day project management and includes techniques such as earned value management as a recommended practice to all project managers.

CENTRIX® is based on the principles and standards defined in the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) 5th Edition.  CENTRIX® incorporates the process from all 10 the PMBOK® Guide Knowledge areas i.e., Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Risk, Communications, Human Resources, Stakeholders, and Procurement.  It is also aligned to the 5 process groups i.e., Initiation, Planning, Monitoring and Control, Execution, and Closure.

CENTRIX® has drawn best practices from other international standards such as the Association of Project Management’s (APM) Body of Knowledge, and the AACEI’s Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering.  CENTRIX® has been tried and tested on many projects and the collective knowledge embedded in the methodology reduces the risk of project failure substantially.

Need for the CENTRIX Project Management Methodology

CENTRIX® allows organisations to manage all their project portfolios, programmes, and projects in a consistent and repeatable manner.  It completely eliminates the need for project managers to develop new processes, templates, and tools during the project, and allows them to focus on managing the project.

No two projects are the same and each project requires a unique management effort.  CENTRIX® is designed for scalability and has been used on projects as short as two weeks using only a few resources to projects spanning many years involving thousands of resources.  It allows the project manager to bypass unnecessary processes without affecting the overall project flow and its scalability allows CENTRIX® to be adjusted to the maturity of the organization.  Following as few as six essential processes with only five templates will significantly reduce the risk of project failure on most projects. One of the benefits of CENTRIX is that an organization can use the same project management methodology (CENTRIX®) to deliver different types of products.  The figure below illustrates this concept.

CENTRIX® goes beyond what is traditionally seen as the domain of project management to include business strategy development as well as the long-term measurement of project results.  CENTRIX® caters for all the process and governance aspects of setting up and running a Project Management Office.  This approach ensures that organisations do not embark on projects that do not support the organisation’s strategy.  CENTRIX® has a flexible approach and is scalable to projects of any size and industry.  It is ideal for organisations with a diverse portfolio of projects including capital, business improvement, and strategic projects.  It is designed to be used by both buyers and sellers in a project management context.

How CENTRIX is implemented

CENTRIX® is highly scalable and is often customised for organizations to align with specific organisational needs and the maturity of the organisation.  Customisation can be done for specific industries, products, and projects or programmes.

CENTRIX is designed to be used as a single methodology for multiple project types in an organisation.  The Project management is about delivery.  CENTRIX employs techniques such as rolling wave planning and critical path management to ensure project delivery in the shortest possible time.

Professional & Competent Personnel

Following the implementation of CENTRIX® in an organisation, ProjectLink will review the use of the methodology with the client every three months for the first year to assess the level of adoption, and the effectiveness of the methodology.  It is often found that implementing a formal methodology highlights other shortcomings in the organisation, which can be corrected by enhancing the methodology.

CENTRIX Certification

Training Individuals can become certified users of CENTRIX®.  Three levels of certification exist:

  • Certified CENTRIX® Associate (CXA) is aimed at project team members who will work with a project manager who uses CENTRIX®.
  • Certified CENTRIX® Professional (CXP) is aimed at project managers who want to use the CENTRIX® methodology to manage projects. It is also aimed at project office managers who want to establish CENTRIX® as the management methodology in the project office.
  • Certified CENTRIX Trainer (CXT) is aimed at people who want to train others to use CENTRIX. Certified Trainers must have passed the Certified Professional examination.

CXA certification is a prerequisite for CXP certification, which is a prerequisite for CXT certification. ProjectLink provides training for all three the above certifications.  The duration of the CXA course is two days, the CXP course is three days, and the CXT course is three days.  A combined CXA and CXP course is presented over five days.

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