OPM3® Assessment

Need and Reason for an OPM3® Assessment

A Maturity Assessment is done to determine the organisation’s Project Management Maturity level.  The results of this assessment help to establish key focus areas and also serves as a baseline for future Maturity Assessments.

OPM3® is used for Project, Program, and Portfolio Management (PPPM) Maturity Assessments, addressing all areas of the organisations Project Management Maturity.

OPM3® is an acronym for the Organisational Project Management Maturity Model.  OPM3® is a standard for organisations published by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®OPM3® has three, interlocking elements: knowledge, assessment and improvement.

The knowledge element describes organisational project management and organisational project management maturity.  It explains why they are important and describes how organisational Project Management Maturity can be recognized (the Capabilities and corresponding outcomes that must be achieved). Assessment is the procedure by which an organisation can measure itself against the description of maturity in the knowledge element, in order to gauge its organisational project management, and its maturity.

The Improvement element provides information to assist an organization in determining and selecting paths to navigate from its current state of maturity to a more desired state of maturity, should the organization choose to improve its current state.

The benefits of using OPM3

An organization’s successful achievement of strategies requires alignment across many operational factors.  For example, customer, product, process, and people are all elements that may be considered when measuring strategic alignment. In addition, an organization should allocate its resources – financial and human – in alignment with strategic objectives.

How OPM3® is Conducted

 Organizations can choose whether they want to perform the OPM3® portfolio management, program management, project management, or any combination for these domains.  Any combination of the stages of process improvement (standardize, measure, control, continuously improve) that are to be assessed can also be selected

The OPM3® maturity assessment is performed by interviewing a representative sample of the organization’s project management community.  The assessment collects information from representatives from different areas in the business e.g., executive management, human resources, portfolio management, etc.

Best practices related to all of these elements are evaluated and addressed by OPM3®.


Post Assessment or Benefit Measurement of an OPM3® Assessment

Following the assessment, the assessment results are used to develop the improvement roadmap for the organization.  This roadmap focuses on the project management best practices that are not currently in place and the identification of initiatives to implement these best practice areas.
Deliverable of an OPM3® Assessment
Deliverables OPM3® Maturity Assessment Report

  • Organizational maturity per section/division authority and management level;
  • Overall organizational maturity levels for PPPM; and
  • Currently observable best practices.
 OPM3® Improvement Framework
 • Best practices gap;

• Roadmap for implementing best practices including possible improvement projects that should be implemented.

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