Our Vision

 “The leading project management company who consistently delivers on expectations.”

What our Vision means and where we want to be:

  • A professional company that delivers leading practice project management products and services.
  • A company on which clients can rely to consistently deliver results, as requested and/or contracted.
  • A company that is top-of-mind globally in terms of project management.


What we do: We deliver leading practice project management professional services, training, and products.

Where we do it: Globally and with the head office in South Africa.

For who we do it: Reputable organisations that recognize the need for project management. We strive to forge long term strategic partnerships with key clients.

How do we provide our services: We deliver our services through well-trained professionals who apply leading practice, tested methodologies, processes, and systems.

Why do we do it: To enable our clients to achieve organisational project management maturity through repeatable, consistent, sustainable, and measurable business success.


Core Values

Discipline – We are disciplined self-starters who deliver more than expected and take pride in all our activities.

Professional – We deliver a high standard of work backed up by leading practice project management and on-going training and improvement.

Trust – We trust each other and continuously enhance our trust relationship with our clients.

Respect – We recognize diversity and always respect other peoples’ culture and views.

Innovation – We have an entrepreneurial approach in all our dealings and approach activities in a fresh and creative manner.

Life-Long Learning – We are self-motivated in the pursuit of life long knowledge for personal or professional reasons.

Passion – We are passionate about managing projects and treat each project as our own.

Value Chain Driven – We recognize the business value chain and we prioritize our decisions accordingly.