Business Analyst

A Business Analyst analyses and defines the organisation’s requirement, identifies proposed solutions, and recommends a way forward to enhance the business. They focus on organisational efficiency improvement by reducing complexity and inefficiency (costs) or by leveraging already existing platforms to create synergies to grow and improve the business (revenue).

  • A business analyst can assist when a fresh and unbiased view is warranted to solve a current frustration within the organizational framework.
  • A business analyst can assist when a structured approach is needed to solve a problem, which has failed to be solved numerous times before.
  • A business analyst can assist in advising which levers to pull to increase organizational efficiency.

Need a

Business Analyst

Key Functions


Follow a set project managed approach and recommend an improved way forward.


Define business and user requirements as per proven methodologies and templates.


Analyze current business processes defining test cases.


Define user acceptance criteria and business readiness plan.


Assist training department with relevant training documentation.


Assist in project execution and management.

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