Project Consulting Services

Many organisations do not have an optimised project management capability, which negatively affects their ability to realise their business benefits.

ProjectLink offers several project management consulting services that have been designed to assist organisations in enhancing their project management capability. Each of these services can be seen as focussed interventions to promote overall project or business enhancements.

Since 1998, ProjectLink has provided these services to numerous organisations both in South Africa and abroad, to industries and sectors such as mining, telecommunications, financial services, aviation, education, government, and manufacturing.

Our consulting services are aimed at organisations that recognise the additional value that an optimised project management capability can provide.

We provide the following consulting services

Project management frameworks:

Competency Assessments
Project Management Enablement

Project Risk Management:

Project Risk Management
Probabilistic Business Case Modeling
Dynamic Simulations
Project Governance Assistance

Project Support Services:

Ad Hoc Planning & Scheduling
Change Management

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