Project Governance Processes Maturity Assessment

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From your scores, it appears that your organisation understands the need for governance for successful project, programme, and portfolio delivery.  The processes appear to be well-defined throughout the organisation and there is clarity on the importance of critical areas of project governance.



The next step for your organisation is to implement management actions and tasks to ensure that the established processes are actively implemented and managed.  This would require the defined processes to become part of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are set for project, programme, and portfolio managers, as well as the managers of these managers.



  1. Develop and implement project governance KPIs for project, programme, and portfolio managers.
  2. Develop and implement project governance KPIs for the managers of project, programme, and portfolio managers.
  3. Identify the critical governance areas where processes have not been developed and start developing the initial process diagrams for these areas.

Further evaluation

If you would like a further evaluation of your Project Governance Processes Maturity score, you can submit your answers for further recommendations or you can book a free consult with one of our consultants.

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