Project Governance Processes Maturity Assessment

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From your scores, it appears that the project, program, and portfolio processes in your organisation are well managed for most of the critical governance areas. The processes also appear to be important in the performance measurement of managers and there are measures in place to ensure the implementation of the processes.



The next step for your organisation is to develop a culture of continuously improving your governance processes through lessons learned from past projects. The first set of processes developed for an organisation is seldom perfect but using these processes as a basis for governance is essential. The continuous improvement process is an opportunity to weed out ineffective and non-value adding steps in the processes and to replace them with optimised steps from the lessons learned.



  1. Include a step in the post-project review process to discuss the effectiveness of the company’s governance processes.
  2. Schedule project governance workshops every 4-6 months to discuss lessons learned from actual projects and to identify governance processes that worked well and those that did not.
  3. Change the governance processes to remove ineffective steps and update or include improvement steps.

Further evaluation

If you would like a further evaluation of your Project Governance Processes Maturity score, you can submit your answers for further recommendations or you can book a free consult with one of our consultants.

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