Project Governance Processes Maturity Assessment

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From your scores, it appears that the project, programme, and portfolio processes in your organisation are mature and well-managed. It also shows that your organisation has reached a level of maturity where processes are adjusted and optimised to improve the way in project, programmes, and portfolios are managed.



Having reached this level of maturity is commendable. Your organisation may want to consider expanding your governance to other areas that may include technical project processes, such as scope development, or human resource processes such as competency development. These are areas that will improve the overall project success by ensuring that projects start off on a solid basis. As more project and programme management processes are included under formal governance, the project success rate will increase, and project failures will become exceptional events.



  1. Identify areas of project performance that show large variations, e.g., project cost estimation, scheduling, risk management, scope development, project controls, change management, stakeholder management, human resource management etc.
  2. For the identified areas of variation, develop basic process flows and guidelines, and communicate these to the affected stakeholders on your projects.
  3. Measure the maturity of each process area at regular intervals. Change in organisations takes time to become embedded, and maturity re-assessments are usually only needed once a year.

Further evaluation

If you would like a further evaluation of your Project Governance Processes Maturity score, you can submit your answers for further recommendations or you can book a free consult with one of our consultants.

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