Project Governance Processes Maturity Assessment

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From your scores, it appears that some basic governance processes have been developed in your organisation, but that these processes only address some of the important governance areas for project, programme, and portfolio management. Some of the governance areas appear to be better developed than others.



The fact that some basic processes have been defined will serve the organisation well, however, to improve project delivery, better governance will be required. This can be done through standardisation of processes for the six the critical areas scored in this assessment. In order to do this, the organisation should define what is required for each area, document the requirement, and ensure that it is communicated to all the stakeholders. The organisation should also introduce measures against which the levels of governance in the organisation can be tested.



  1. Documented processes and guidelines should be created for each of the critical governance areas:

    a) Management of project resources.
    b) Methods for the selection of suitable people as project, program, and portfolio managers.
    c) Processes for managing knowledge in the organisation.
    d) Methods for incentivising project personnel and project teams based on project performance.
    e) Defined processes for project, programme, and portfolio management.
    f) Methods for supervising project teams and implementing projects, programmes, and portfolios.

Further evaluation

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