Portfolio Management

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For each of the questions, select the option that applies most to the management of portfolios in your organisation.

Four Pillars of Portfolio Management


1. All the projects in my organisation are aligned with the organisation’s strategy(Required)

2. The PMO/project delivery unit controls which projects or project ideas are accepted for evaluation.(Required)

3. My organization uses financial and non financial evaluation criteria that are aligned with the expected output of the project’s deliverable.(Required)

4. All the projects in my organization are aligned with the organization's strategy(Required)


5. My organization frequently reassesses the priorities of projects in the portfolio based on changing business conditions.(Required)

6. My organization terminates projects that are not performing, or will put projects on hold in favor of projects that will §add more value.(Required)


7. Portfolio decisions are never based on the expert judgment of just a few high powered individuals.(Required)

8. My organization has a well understood and documented process for portfolio decision making.(Required)

9. In my organization portfolio decisions are based on high-quality data that are relevant to the specific project types.(Required)

10. My organization uses a set of well defined decision making tools or methods.(Required)


11. My organization regularly collects performance data from the active portfolio with the aim of evaluating overall portfolio performance.(Required)

12. My organization collects both quantitative and qualitative data about portfolio performance.(Required)

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