Project Governance Processes Maturity Assessment

A major challenge for organisations doing projects is reducing variation in project performance.  This includes variation in completing projects within the expected time frames, variation in the planned budget, and variation in technical performance, which refers to the quality of project’s deliverables.  Variation in projects also includes variation in achieving the expected business value from the project.

The most effective way of reducing variation is to have processes in place that eliminate variation from the outset.

If an organisation wants to reduce variation in a production process, they will take samples from the outputs from the production line and adjust the production process based on the analysis of the variation in the samples.  Projects are, however, unique and the sampling approach across projects does not help much in reducing variation.

A more suitable approach to reducing variation is through management intervention.  To do this effectively the process of implementing projects must be monitored on an ongoing basis and corrective action must be taken when variations from the occur. 

 This approach is often referred to as project management governance, i.e., ensuring that the correct planning and management actions are taken throughout the life of the project.

The checklist below gives a first level assessment of the governance processes in an organisation.  It assesses six critical areas of project management governance which research shows have a significant impact on project success (Görög, M., 2016).  The results from this checklist will give you a broad indication of areas of improvement for your organisation.

If you require a more comprehensive analysis, ProjectLink’s Project Management Maturity Assessment takes this to a more detailed level though interviews with project role-players and evaluation of project deliverables.  Our Maturity Assessment gives detailed results of all areas of project, programme, and portfolio management and gives you a comprehensive implementation plan and roadmap for improving project management maturity in your organisation.

Görög, M. (2016). A broader approach to organisational project management maturity assessment. International Journal of Project Management, 34(8), 1658-1669. 

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