Portfolio Manager

A Portfolio Manager is responsible for managing groups of projects, programs and/or sub-portfolios. They focus on understanding the impact of numerous business interventions on the bottom line of the business.  Strategy translation, trade-offs, scenario planning, portfolio balancing, and benefits measurements all form part of the role. The Portfolio Manager monitors the progress of the portfolio and reports back to senior management.

  • When the number of projects and Project Managers performing projects reaches a critical number, a Portfolio Manager’s role becomes critical in ensuring the efficient delivery of the portfolio.
  • Size of the projects are not as important as the number of projects and/or the complexity around the interrelatedness of the projects, e.g.: numerous simple projects at the same site/location might require a portfolio manager.
  • A Portfolio Manager plays a key role in freeing up senior management’s time as less reporting/decision-making items will be required from them. The decision-making is quicker, as a Portfolio Manager’s core focus would be the delivery of a set group of projects which is not the case for senior management.

Need a

Portfolio Manager

Key Functions


Provide scenarios of the optimal set of projects/deliverables within defined constraints.


Practical application of different type of decision-making models e.g., Weighted Factor Scoring, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Monte Carlo Simulation, Real Options.


Provide governance criteria e.g., business case frameworks, procedures & standards.


Conduct risk analyses (qualitative and quantitative).


Monitor, report and recommend optimal portfolio progress to senior management.


Rework the portfolio when changes in the internal and external environment take effect.

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