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The Applied Planning & Scheduling (AP&S) course is an e-learning course that is primarily aimed at project management practitioners that are responsible for, or directly involved with, the developing and controlling of project schedules. This course teaches participants planning & scheduling best practices and hands-on techniques that should be applied in a project schedule.

The project schedule is the most important project management tool in a project and serves a pivotal function towards the integration of scope, time, resource, cash & cost flow, quality, and risk considerations.

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Course Duration

This online-based course runs over 8 weeks. This is an e-learning course that involves one virtual contact session of two hours per week, interspersed with e-learning course work.



Course Benefits

Develop a deliverable oriented WBS and a level 4 (control) schedule that complies with generally accepted schedule quality principles.

Assign appropriate rules of credit (Earned Value methods) to tasks to enable accurate progress measurement and tracking.

Extract cash-flow info from the Microsoft Project schedule and develop a cash-flow S-curve in Microsoft Excel. Extract progress reporting data and forecasting data from the Microsoft Project schedule into Microsoft Excel for progress reporting graphs.

Log accurate and hands-on basis of schedule logic. Visibly indicate schedule contingency allowances in the schedule and perform controlled baseline changes in the schedule.


The following modules are covered in the course:

  • Developing the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Developing the schedule
  • Logging schedule logic and developing a cash-flow
  • Planning to measure progress
  • Project progress reporting
  • Performing change control
  • Project closure and lessons learned

The objective of the course is to enable the course participant to, through sound planning and scheduling practices, integrate relevant project considerations and information into a comprehensive, best-practice aligned project schedule, and to manage the schedule effectively in support of optimal project delivery.

Course participants are required to possess a working proficiency in the use of Microsoft Project, and their own licensed Microsoft Project application software. Access to a reliable internet connection is also required.

Please note: This course requires a minimum of six participants to proceed. If fewer than six candidates sign up, those already registered will be offered a spot in the next available course or a full refund upon request.

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"Weekly assignment submissions were an excellent tool to ensure that course participants extracted maximum value from the course by applying the course theory in practice. This was most educational, and would certainly build confidence in course attendees that are not yet as experienced in the Planning and Scheduling disciplines. Additional functionality was demonstrated in the use of MS Projects, as opposed to only applying basic scheduling principles. The resource and cost loading exercise- and the tracking thereof were excellent exercises showing how truly value adding scheduling and planning activities are for a project. Extracting information from MS Projects and developing Project S-Curves was an enjoyable, but also a cardinal exercise to assist with ensuring more complete Project Reporting."
Willem Geldenhuys
Anglo American
Project Planner
"I learned how resources should be added for effective cost management. I enjoyed the scenario-based approach. Planning evolves through a project's lifecycle."
Rabendra Moodley
Anglo American Platinum
Capital Planner
"This course granted me some level of confidence and to feel more comfortable taking on the role as a project planner. Jacques Gouws, the course facilitator, always made time available outside of the scheduled virtual session to assist, explain and provide info if I struggled with any assignment. The Virtual sessions, discussing the assignment and opening it up to the floor helped me a lot to understand certain planning principles provided by the Lecturer as well as the other Learners."
Christelle Horn
Cost Estimator
"The E – Learning was great as it gives you time to work and learn at the same time without having to be away from work. The online instructor was very helpful, and if there was anything that needed extra explaining he helped you as soon as possible, either by mail or a call as well as after the virtual class. I learnt about cost flow and how to show contingency visibly on the schedule."
Du-Wayne Cordier
Project Planner
“The Applied Planning & Scheduling Course module videos were very clear and informative, and the virtual sessions offered a great platform for feedback and further clarity on the covered concepts. The demonstration videos were of great value for those of us with basic knowledge of MS Project, enhancing our skills significantly. The facilitator was very helpful and always willing to assist.  Through this course, I learned how to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), perform cost flow analysis using data from MS Project, delay tasks effectively, and produce comprehensive project progress reports.”
Oabopa Mokgetse
Debswana Diamond Company
Project Quantity Surveyor 
“The Applied Planning & Scheduling Course was well-structured, allowing me to complete assignments over the weekend which made it much more convenient. The course facilitator always went the extra mile and made himself available to assist with questions and queries, even after regular working hours. The videos on TalentLMS effectively demonstrated how to extract information from MS Project, and the downloadable materials were invaluable during loadshedding.”
Anna-Marie Cilliers
“In this course, I learned about incorporating resource costs into the project, which was something I had never done before. This practice helped me understand the logic behind many project decisions. Additionally, the ProjectLink student learning platform was easy to use and supported the course workflow effectively.  Through this course, I learned how to use E Days and understand the purpose of schedule contingency in a project and how it is baselined.”
Werner Webb
Hlela Projects
Project Planning & Controls

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Custom dates can be provided to corporates with more than 8 delegates.

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Course Format

Virtual class sessions are used to introduce new topics, after which participants perform assignments in their own time in preparation for the next virtual class.   The course facilitator, supported by a panel of experts, is available to address questions on the assignments between virtual class sessions via a blog or email correspondence. In addition to the contact sessions, participants will spend about four hours per week on assignments. The course is case study based and has been designed to enable the course participant to develop and maintain project schedules that maximally support project delivery. Upon successful completion of the course delegates receive a certificate of successful completion.



Who Should Attend This Course

A basic project management course and some experience in project management is required.

  • Project Managers
  • Project Controls Managers
  • Project Planners
  • Project Schedulers
  • Project Cost Engineers


  • Précises on core topics
  • Case study handouts
  • A certificate of successful completion


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