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Project Portfolio Evaluation, Selection and Management Course



The most effective way of implementing an organisation’s strategy is through projects. Business leaders require an optimal mix of projects to differentiate their organisations from competitors.

The Project Portfolio Evaluation course is about converting strategy into this optimal mix. Delegates are taught methods (theory and tools) to evaluate current or proposed projects within a logical decision framework governed by identified constraints.

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Course Duration

This classroom-based course runs over 3.5 days.



Course Benefits

Project portfolio management is highly recommended to parties involved in any form of capital decision making.

This course provides delegates with a practical portfolio framework to consistently:

  • Translate organisational or business unit strategies into projects
  • Analyse prospective projects quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Develop and apply numerical selection models
  • Apply basic portfolio decision-making models
  • Understand the psychology of portfolio decision making
  • Develop optimised and balanced portfolio scenarios
  • Measure portfolio performance
  • Using a consistent portfolio framework will provide clarity around how strategies are made practical and measured over time.

Earn 7 Formal Project Management Education hours.


This course covers the following topics:

PF01 module covers the fundamentals of project numerical evaluation. It covers the calculation of financial evaluation parameters such as payback period, ROI, NPV, IRR etc.

PF02 module covers the portfolio management process, selection models, decision making, and portfolio balancing. This module includes an assignment which must be presented by the delegates 2 weeks after the initial 2-days training.

The course delves into the psychology of portfolio decision making and provides a holistic view of the hard and soft factors that influence decisions. It empowers delegates with the theory, terminology, tools, and skills to apply a mathematical approach to portfolio management; enabling them to select, organize and manage projects that align to the organizations business strategy.

Corporate Training

Custom dates can be provided to corporates with more than 8 delegates.

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Course Format

This course is split into two modules: PF01 and PF02.

PF01 (1 day) is aimed at people with a limited financial background around ROI, NPV and IRR type of calculation required for PF02. Delegates will complete several short in-class assignments.

PF02 (2.5 days) covers the theory of portfolio management with a few short in-class assignments. The last 0.5 days of PF02 is done two weeks later where delegates must present their results of a typical real scenario.

The aim of the final session is to discuss everyone’s findings and to compare learnings and the different approaches followed. Upon successful completion of the course delegates receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Who Should Attend This Course

Delegates who are:

  • PMO managers
  • Financial managers
  • Project managers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Business unit managers
  • Techno-economists
  • Functional managers
  • Anyone interested party wanting to understand higher level decision making within organisations


Delegates will receive the following items on the course:

  • Course file with all the course presentations, the course workbook, exercises, and handouts
  • Notebook and pen
  • A Certificate of Attendance on successful completion
  • Light breakfast, lunch, & refreshments

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