Project Administrator

A Project Administrator takes the administration burden off the Project Managers and project team members. The Project Administrator provides support for all general project communication, document management, arrangement of meetings, travel, accommodation, keeping of minutes, maintaining project registers, and project team and office housekeeping. A project cannot be successful without efficient project administration. A project is destined to failure without good project administration due to disorganisation and inefficiency.

  • Project administrators are very useful to project teams that don’t have time to take meeting notes or issue follow up reminders.
  • Project administrators can be utilised on small, medium, or large projects. Larger projects may require more than one administrator.
  • Project administrators free up the time of the Project Managers so they can focus on managing and not be tied down by admin.

Need a

Project Administrator

Key Functions


Setup project meetings. Create and maintain attendance registers, agendas, and minutes of meetings.


Create and maintain project registers and project/site diaries.


Develop and distribute progress and other project reports.


Develop a document management plan and control project documentation.


Create and maintain a document repository and a Document Master Record Index.


Assist in the development of project dashboard and project presentations.

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