Document Controller

A Document Controller controls the flow of all technical, administrative, vendor, and commercial documentation and drawings between the project team and relevant stakeholders.

Key Functions

Maintain a Master Record Index.

Other related document control functions will include.

  • Develop Document Management Plan;
  • Align Document Files with MRI/DMS (Coding and naming convention and versions);
  • Develop Project File Structure;
  • List Project Document Types;
  • Define Basis of Access per Document Type;
  • Create Documents on Authorized Demands;
  • Establish Workflow Requirements;
  • Perform Document Control to include all project-related documents and drawings;
  • Manage Repository;
  • Establish Document Closure per Document Type;
  • Close Out Archive;
  • Capture Lessons Learned;
  • File and issue new revisions for build to the contractor;
  • Maintain a transmittal register;
  • Issue all drawings with transmittal notes;
  • Project-related documentation.

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