Project Planner and Scheduler

A Project Planner/Scheduler is responsible for developing the project’s scope of work and the project schedule. They monitor and control the project work, update and maintain the schedule, conduct earned value analysis and schedule forecasts, report on schedule progress, and develop scenarios to simulate the impact of changes, decisions, and schedule incidents.

  • A Project Planner/Scheduler integrates and controls all contractors’ schedules and work.
  • A Project Planner/Scheduler monitors and controls projects using earned value management and leading practices enabling organisations to have full control over their project.
  • Creating and maintaining a project schedule is critical, complex, and requires time and know-how therefore having an experienced Project Planner/Scheduler is crucial

Need a

Project Planner and Scheduler

Key Functions


Develop the schedule management plan and the Basis of Estimates.


Define the project scope, work breakdown structure (WBS), WBS dictionary and project schedule.


Estimate activity and project duration and plan schedule resource requirements.


Monitor and control project scope and schedule.


Determine project schedule status and progress using earned value.


Conduct schedule forecasts and evaluate schedule impacts arising from incidents, changes, and decisions.

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