Program Manager

A Program Manager ensures that the overarching business goal of a group of individual projects, that all provide shared benefits toward the goal, is achieved. The Program Manager focusses on the integration of the benefits and manages the interdependencies that might exist between the individual projects. The Program Manager is responsible for the overall delivery of the program.

  • A Program Manager is essential when coordination of various projects is required to achieve a specific goal.
  • With companies currently aiming for carbon neutrality or zero waste to landfill, roadmaps are the norm to achieve these. One project alone would not be able to achieve these goals.
  • A Program Manager might be required on small, medium, or large projects. It’s not only the complexity of the interventions that deem a Program Manager necessary, but also the number of interventions.

Key Functions

Manage the interdependencies between projects in a program and define program roadmaps.

Manage individual Project Managers and allocate and balance resources between projects.

Facilitate the development of the individual project and program business cases

Perform program analysis, tracking, forecasting, proper program transition and closure.

Ensure alignment of each project with the overarching business requirement

Provide accurate and relevant reporting to portfolio management.

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