Solution Focused Support. 

We are a temporary employment service dedicated to connecting companies with world-class professionals. Our resourcing solutions are designed to provide high-quality, cost-effective workforce options that meet the dynamic needs of businesses across various industries.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI recruitment software, we deliver a swift, efficient, and unparalleled recruitment experience. In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations often face challenges in maintaining the right capacity and expertise to drive their operations forward. Whether it’s for a short-term project, a critical operational requirement, or a strategic initiative, having the right people at the right time is crucial.

Our Goal

To provide high-quality resources tailored to the unique demands of each position, ensuring our clients receive the best talent swiftly and seamlessly.

We are more than just a temporary employment service. We are your strategic partner in resourcing and workforce management, dedicated to helping you achieve operational excellence and strategic success.

Benefits of ProjectLink Resourcing

ProjectLink Resourcing offers several significant benefits to your company’s projects & operational delivery, including:


Easily scale your workforce up or down in response to demand fluctuations, for both specific projects and seasonal work.

Cost Savings

Lower overhead costs by hiring temporary workers, avoiding expenses like benefits and health insurance.

Speed & Efficiency

Rapidly fill critical positions with our matching expertise, ensuring qualified candidates from our extensive recruiting database.

Access to Specialised Skills

Access a broader talent pool and obtain workers with specialised skills needed for short-term projects or to fill knowledge gaps.

Risk Management

Fill positions during unexpected absences of permanent staff, prevent permanent staff layoffs due to economic downturns and leave the employment-related legalities and labour law compliance to us.

Focus on Core Business

Outsource recruitment and management of temporary staff, and let us handle HR functions to focus on your core business and priorities.

Temporary staffing solutions across all sectors. 

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