Senior Project Manager

A Senior Project Manager can manage complex capital projects and lead project teams. They align the project with the business strategy and ensure that project stakeholders are kept up to date on project progress through proper communication. The Senior Project Manager takes full responsibility for the development of the project’s scope, schedule, and budget, as well as the management of project risks.

  • An experienced Senior Project Manager can assist organisations that have a lack of capacity or don’t have project management experience or knowledge.
  • A Senior Project Manager manages critical projects ensuring that business objectives are met, and the project is delivered on time, within budget and to quality.
  • A Senior Project Manager can lead an organisation’s technical teams and instill leading project management practices.

Need a

Senior Project Manager

Key Functions


Lead and direct the project team. Manage project contracts and ensure that project quality is met.


Develop project management plans ensuring project alignment to the client’s business strategy and objectives.


Manage stakeholders through effective communications.


Determine and control the project’s scope of work, project’s budget, and project costs.


Determine the project’s time requirements, develop the project schedule, and manage the project’s time.


Identify, define, analyze, and manage project risks.

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